Check Exit and Re-entry Visa Status Validity

In Saudi Arabia, one needs a visa for both entering and exiting the country. If you are an expatriate and you are currently inside the country, then you need exit/re-entry visa to go out of the country and then come back. This means that you can’t just get out of the country if you just have tickets and passport.

Just like any other visa, this one also has validity. It is important to keep track of the validity of exit/ re-entry visa because if it expires, you will be having trouble coming back to the country.

You can check your visa validity status online quickly. There are two ways you can do this.

Method 1: Muqeem Online Services

Please follow the step by step guide to get the exit and re-entry status of your visa.

  1. First, go to this website Click here
  2. You can change the language to English if you are not comfortable with the default language. Check the screenshot.
    check exit and re-entry visa status in saudi arabia
  3. After you switched to English, you can see “Please choose the first value.” Click on it, and you have to select any one of the options there. You can select Iqama number, Visa number or passport number.
    check exit and re-entry visa status in saudi arabia
  4. After selecting, type in the number you have selected to the column on the right side. Example: If you have chosen Iqama number as first value, then type your Iqama number.
  5. Now you have to select the second value. To do that, click on where it says “Please choose the second value.” Here you have to select something which you have not selected as the first value. Example: If you decide Iqama number as first value, you have to choose something else as the second value.
    check exit and re-entry visa status in saudi arabia
  6. After choosing, type in the second value also.
  7. You can leave the Nationality field. No need to select anything.
  8. Then click on the ‘Check’ button and your exit/re-entry status shall be displayed on the screen.

Method 2: Ministry Of Interior

This is the alternative method which you can use to check your exit and re-entry status. Please follow the below-explained steps.

  1. First, Click here
  2. Now you can see a page as shown in below screenshot.

check exit and re-entry visa status in saudi arabia

  1. You have to enter your Iqama number and sponsor ID there. Also type the captcha image you see there.
  2. Click on ‘View’ button, and your visa exit/ re-entry status will be shown.

Kindly note that you can get two types of visa. Single and multiple. In single visa, you can only travel once. In multiple visas, you can go many times within the specified time. Once the period is over, the visa expires. The fee for a single and multiple visas are different.

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