Check your Company Nitaqat Color Category or Sponsor (Kafeel)

The Saudi government introduced the color system for nitaqat back in 2011. The objective of this classification is to increase the job opportunities for Saudi nationals. There are four different color category allocated for the nitaqat system.

The colors are white, platinum/green, yellow and red. Depending upon the category each company falls, the benefits and options provided by the government of Saudi Arabia change.

Requirements To Check Nitaqat Category Of Your Company

Before we begin, you need to have the iqama number of yourself or any of your coworker. Any of your friend who works in the same company as you will be falling in the same color category, so you necessarily don’t have to use your own iqama number for checking.

Steps To Check Nitaqat Category Of Your Company

Here we have provided detailed instructions to check the nitaqat category of your company or sponsor

  1. First of all, visit the official website if the Saudi ministry of labor. Click here
    How To Check Your Sponsor (Kafeel) or Company Nitaqat Color Category
  2. after you open it you will see the image above
  3. Carefully enter your iqama (Muqeem) number into second text box named as “رقم الإقامة “.
  4. In order to prove that you are a human and not a robot, enter the captcha (digits code inside the image on screen) on the text box below that image.
  5. Now hit the enter key on your keyboard or click on “بحث” .

That’s it, you are done.

How To Check Your Sponsor (Kafeel) or Company Nitaqat Color Category

The website will now tell you the nitaqat system category of your company or that of the kafeel (sponsor) in the page that opens. The categories are of 4 colors, Platinum, Green, Yellow or Red. This color depends upon the number of Saudi nationals working in that company.

In case you get a Red category, you are free to transfer your sponsorship to any other company as you wish.

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