Check Iqama Status and Expiry Date Validity in Saudi Arabia

When you go to Saudi Arabia, you are required to have a work license/residence permit. It is called Iqama.
The word means ‘second chance.’ Basically, Iqama is your ID proof which you can use for all kind of purposes in the country. It will contain basic information about yourself like name, date of birth, name of the sponsor, etc.

But since you reached here searching for how to check the validity of your Iqama, you are probably aware of this already. In case you already didn’t know, know right now that you can use Iqama in Saudi Arabia for basic needs like for opening bank account, sending money to your home country and as an identity proof pretty much anywhere.

How to Check Iqama Validity throw MOI Saudi Arabia

  • First, you have to go to the official website of Ministry of Interior, Click here to go.
    Check Iqama Status and Expiry Date Validity in Saudi Arabia
  • Once you open the site, you can see a box which says “Iqama Number.” You have to type in your Iqama number.
  • in the second box type the numbers in the captcha code shown there and click “VIEW”.
    (The captcha code is nothing but a few numbers and text displayed there just to verify that an actual human is using the website, Just type in what you see there, and it will be all right.)

Now the page will load with your Iqama information like validity/expiry date.
Check Iqama Status and Expiry Date Validity in Saudi Arabia

A few tips about Iqama Expiry

The expiry date of Iqama is crucial. Iqama can be renewed to 1 or more years. You have to check and remember the expiry date of your Iqama and then remind your company HR to renew the Iqama when it is about to expire.

If you forget to renew the Iqama, you will have to pay a penalty fee. If you do not renew your Iqama at all, then that means you are staying in Saudi Arabia illegally.

If caught, you will be in a lot of trouble. So always remember to renew your Iqama.
Also, you need to handle the ID document carefully. If you lose the Iqama somehow, then to get a duplicate copy, it will take time, and you will have to pay a penalty for that too.