Can Iqama or Visa Profession be Changed in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is the land of opportunities for those who wish to work and earn. But at the same time, it is illegal to work apart from your Iqama profession in the country. So the people whose Iqama or muqeem card employment is different from the work they do, need to alter their visa profession or MOL KSA Iqama profession. The complications can be severe at times as the Jawazat people can raid at any time at either of the companies. Moreover, if you get caught in any such situation you can get detained at that very moment.

Can Iqama or Visa Profession be Changed in Saudi Arabia

Furthermore to choose the best match you can check out the benefitted professionals and request for the change of MOL KSA Iqama profession. Benefitted here complies for inviting your family for visit visa or permanent.

What Do You Need To Change Your Muqeem Professional In Saudi Arabia?

There are some of the necessary things that are required to be done at the time of change that is mentioned below:

  • Make sure you have attested your higher degree certificates from Saudi Embassy and Culture in your own country.
  • The attested degree certificate must comply with Iqama profession that you have applied for.
  • You need to go to HRD department of your company for change of profession. Further, you must deposit an amount of 1000 Saudi Riyal for the change process.

What All Can Get Your Change of Profession Rejected?

  • In case you are in a profession at a lower side like labor, helper, driver or any other like this then there is a chance that your plea may be rejected.
  • If there is any kind of traffic violations against your sponsor or employee then also your change for the profession can be rejected. To be sure that there are none of such violations you can go to the MOI website and check.
  • Also if you don’t have a requisite amount of fees to pay then also your change of profession can get rejected.
  • If Ministry of Labor has not given a nod to your request then also the change of profession can get rejected.
  • In case you are in a profession like a driver, housemaid, labor etc on an individual or domestic visa, then also there’s a chance that your plea may get rejected.
  • You need to check that your Iqama is valid till now or not. In case it is expired then the change of profession can be rejected. For assurance, you can check the Muqueem validity by visiting MOI website.
  • Also if your employee status falls under run away from employer category then it will be rejected.

These are all the requirements that are needed to be kept in mind and also the reasons that can lead to rejection. Besides this, if you have already applied and waiting for it, you can go online and check the Muqueem profession status for regular updates on the progress of change in profession.